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13 Sep The One About How I Became a Hubspot Agency Partner


Sometimes I say things out loud as a way of making them real and committing to them. “I think I might start bike racing again.” Or “I want to double my agency revenue in the next two years.” By saying these things out loud, I put myself on a course for success, and I’m bound by my word, to succeed. Or so it seems. Like my obsession with Strava and cycling, setting almost any goals and committing to them publicly goes a long way to helping one achieve them.

And so it was that a few months ago I announced on Facebook that I would become a Hubspot Agency Partner, after completing the Inbound Certification course. Well, I’m proud to say that I have done exactly that; after months of research and discovery meetings, sales calls, product learning, fees and onboarding meetings, I can finally say that it’s official: I am a Hubspot Agency Partner.

What Does This Mean for Narrate Creative?

It means I am focusing even more intently on inbound marketing for B2B software companies. I still focus on early-stage companies in the tech space, but I’m not specializing even more, on lead generation and email automation for post-revenue companies. I can become a part of the marketing team for my clients, and see them through to success, rather than simply offer strategic guidance and training, and everybody wins. It also means I have access to a lot more resources and tools (see below).

What’s in it for You?

For one, loads of great free Hubspot content. Want a whitepaper, ebook or deck from the Hubspot library? Give me a holler. In the meantime, I’ve prepared an ebook specifically for my clients that I think you’ll find useful. It’s 30 of the greatest lead generation tips, tricks and ideas from the Hubspot playbook, and it’s yours free when you subscribe to my list:

Download Your Free Copy

Any other questions? Want to meet in person here in Vancouver? Get in touch and I will hit you back right away.

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