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23 Jun Kickass Content Marketing, Using Inbound Marketing

This is the fourth post in a series of ebook excerpts from ”The One Content Marketing Document You Can Plan Your Whole Quarter Around.” To download the full version, visit the download page

In any successful content marketing strategy, you need to take advantage of several proven pillars of web marketing: creation, curation, inbound marketing, email marketing and engagement.

The Old Story by HKD on Flickr:

The Old Story by HKD on Flickr

Let’s talk about inbound marketing for a second. Inbound marketing is the basis for everything we are discussing in this guide; we are taking an idea, sharing it with the world in the hopes that they will want to do business with us. We are creating demand, by sharing our ideas to the world. So regardless of the goals of your content marketing plan, let’s decide together, here and now, that the fundamental goal of your content marketing is to attract more people to your ideas. And to invite more opportunity for them to start a business relationships with you as a customer. If we agree, then we can proceed under the assumption that our content strategy is to create inbound interest in our ideas, and to nurture those relationships into something bigger.

This document didn’t promise an advertising strategy or a guide for how to invest in social networks, though that is a topic we will certainly explore later (maybe next quarter, wait and see!). Let’s focus our energies around what we can control within our existing budgets and time constraints.

Attracting Leads to Your Content Like a Magnet

The idea is a simple one: to start with one big idea, something that establishes you as a thought leader, an expert, or an influencer in your particular category— but it’s just one idea.

In case you haven’t caught on, this document is an example of that; it’s taking one idea, that is “how to build your first content strategy,” and projecting to you the idea that we have expertise in that field.

You can go into all the detail that you like with your big idea, but only think about solving one problem for somebody. It could be something simple like “how to avoid a visit from your plumber” or it could be something as complex as “how to plan your entire content strategy for an entire quarter around a single document.”  (Here’s where a smile curls your lips)

If you start with just one idea and speak with authority on that topic, you can establish your expertise and build trust in doing so. I’m not going to suggest any word count, because some ideas are easily fleshed out, and others need a great deal of words and detail in order to fully appreciate and explore the complexity of the idea. But limit yourself to a single idea, and create from that idea one document (probably a very lengthy one). If you do a good job of this, this one document can form the nexus of your entire quarter’s content strategy.

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